If Agile was easy, everyone would be doing it successfully. After all, the rules are fairly simple and the knowledge is out there. 

In reality, the main challenge is a mindset shift, which you cannot experience by reading a book or watching a Youtube video. It is no wonder that the role in organizations responsible for agile transformations is called Agile Coach or Lean Mentor. It encompasses not only knowledge but also leadership, hands on experience, building trust and inspiring others, to name a few.

The Agile Coaching program by Practical Agile is designed to grow Agile Practitioners into Agile Coaches that are able to lead agile implementations, and to grow the next generation of agile practitioners and leaders.

If the two paragraphs above make you feel - hey, this is what I want to be, if you are willing to invest in your future as an Agile Coach (even if it frightens you a little bit) - this is the program for you!

Is this the right workshop for you? Click here to find out! 


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