Day 2

Lectures: Anat Alon & Ilan Kirschenbaum

SM as Facilitator

You will learn how to set the stage and provide clear boundaries within each ceremony. Heck, this practical knowledge will help you in any meeting, not just Scrum. With this knowledge you will get the team to collaborate with each other and with you.

This one day workshop is part of the Scrum Master Week. You may choose to attend the entire week, or pick and choose the right days for you.

Target audience:  Fresh and experience Scrum Masters wishing to acquire additional tools and skills and agile coaches leading organizational change.

Workshop Outline

  • Different techniques of facilitation 
  • Planning purpose
  • Different planning facilitation techniques
  • Planning facilitation simulation
  • Traps and pitfalls in planning ceremony
  • Different daily facilitation techniques 
  • Daily facilitation simulation
  • Traps and pitfalls in a daily ceremony
  • Different techniques for agile estimations facilitation 

What people that participated say:

  • "It was a great day that gave me a good overall understanding of facilitating within the context of Scrum and being a Scrum Master.

    A good mix between theory, tools and learning through simulations" - Yonatan Rand, Cisco 

 Eventbrite - Scrum Master As Facilitator - December 25th, 2017