Day 4

Lectures: Ilan Kirschenbaum & Anat Alon

Leading Agile Teams

SM as a servant leader: So, you have no authority over the team members, but you are still expected to change their behavior and even their mindset. An although you understand the Why, you know the What, you still cannot get them to do what you want. Bummer! Or maybe not? In this day we will focus on the challenge of leadership without authority. How to evolve as a leader, learn practical tools to influence and to create a mindset-shift.

This one day workshop is part of the Scrum Master Week. You may choose to attend the entire week, or pick and choose the right days for you.

Target audience:  Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Product Managers, Agile Coaches and others who figured out that telling people what to do may be efficient but is hardly ever effective.

Workshop Outline

  • Helping team members to master Responsibility and Accountability
  • What are The 5 dysfunctions of a team, and how to handle them?
  • How to work when my team is distributed across multiple sites?
  • What do we do with teammates who don't want to do Scrum?
  • Using effective feedback to face teammates with hard facts without offending of breaking them
  • Designing safe-to-fail experiments to drive improvement in small incremental steps

 Eventbrite - Scrum Master as a Servant Leader - December 27th, 2017