Several weeks ago, Josef (pseudonym), a dad from my son’s school contacted me and sent me a link to this article: “A Before-School Exercise Program May Help Children Thrive”.After reading the article, I talked to Josef and agreed with him that I will take it with the principle and carry it forward.

The next morning, I talked to the principle Oren (pseudonym). I requested to arrange a pilot - MVP - of a sports activity for about 30 minutes. Oren was enthusiastic about the idea. Due to the school’s busy schedule, we planned the activity for the following week.

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Have you ever thought what Marathon Running and Product Development have in common?

I started my software development career in 1998 as a developer and along the way I fulfilled various other roles such as R&D team leader, project manager and product manager.

I started training as a long-distance runner in mid-2014 and run my first Marathon in October 2015.

There are several posts comparing product development to a marathon. Clearly, both are not simple tasks.

In this post, I would like to share from my personal software development and long distance running experiences aspects Marathon running and Agile Product development. 

1. Support systems

When getting ready for a marathon, one must get his/her support systems in place. Fore example, match your nutrition with your training plan.

In product development, it is recommended that the organization has upper management buy-in, CI system in place, test automation capabilities and well-defined DoD.

2. Expand your skills

Great athletes train in an additional one or two types of sports every week such as bicycling, strength training, rowing, cross training, swimming or elliptical training helps building core muscles such as abdominal and back muscles as well as hamstring, biceps, triceps muscles etc. 

Agile product development is based on technical excellence. Developers has to expand their skill sets as well as develop their core skills.

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