CyberArk R&D and me works with Lior for already 2 years, and more ahead. For the past 2 years, Lior and his team guided us, and helped us to understand the importance of automation. But beside changing our mindset, Lior also helped us to guide and implement the ideas of automation, TDD, etc… in our development teams.

Lior comes with an open mind, and sharp eyes. He learns really quickly, analyze the pains and recommend. He has the high level conceptual understanding of Agile, but he is also technically, and capable of bringing the technical aspects that serves the conceptual ideas.

Lior and his team presented a very professional and open approach, and managed to contribute and touch most of our teams.

Lior grooms the long term relations, and push to understand where and how he can help us to be even better.

Also, Lior is actively working to join us in the Agile community.


I think, that if you look for someone that will help you to understand what to do, but later will also help you to implement – but – in open and sharp mind – Practical Agile and Lior are for you.

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