I've worked with Naama for 3 years, she was the Lean and Agile mentor of the newly created organizations, we had many challenges around work models, scaling, setup, team building and many more.

Naama was part of the management team and worked closely with me and the other managers to face these challenges.

Naama pushed us toward agile thinking, invested a lot of effort in workshops, meetings, interviews, observations to many other activates to put us on track, to get over many of the challenges.

Naama worked with managers and leader to implement different methods for agile work, improve the ScM and product owner work with community of practices sessions and personal work.

Created with me the organizational retheme to support the different needs we had.

Mentor young managers and escorted countless workshops and offsites.


Her ability to mentor, lead workshops, moderate discussion is excellent we used it extensively and we really miss it now.

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Ilan has been coaching me and my SCRUM team for more than half a year - I must say that the end results are impressive - our team have received a certificate for outstanding performance out more than 50 scrum teams, and Ilan had much to do with it. 

At first it was hard, I did not get the message Ilan was trying to pass to me - later I understood that Ilan want me to find the answer my self, so I will have the tools in order to find the answers myself in the future. 
Giving away an answer for the current issue would have helped me in the current situation, but what Ilan did gave me tools for life. 

Which tools did Ilan give me? 
• The ability to observe what is happening in the team from the soft perspective, and point out stuff we need to talk about. 
• The understanding that being more effective means having better Trust, communication, commitment in the team . 
• The ability to Motivate team members, build a responsible & accountable team. 
• Lots of SCRUM tools & techniques to improve these areas. 

Basically, when I met Ilan, I was a "Scrum dude", Ilan helped me develop in to a "Scrum Mom", and I hope that using the tools he gave me I would be my "True Scrum Master".

Achi Solomon - Team Lead & Scrum Master at Verint

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Lior provided game changing training, consulting and coaching on Unit Testing and Build Automation for GreenRoad. From start to finish he has delivered outstanding results and significantly improved our engineering skills enabling us to be a more productive and effcient R&D group. I highly recommend Lior.

Nimrod Rozenfeld - Director of Customer Success - GreenRoad

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Lior is a truly unique Agile coach. 
I had the pleasure of working with him on a most challenging mission, focusing on the Practical aspects of Agile Software development. 
This mission turned out most successful and made a big difference, mainly thanks to Lior's exceptional skills, knowledge and experience. 
Lior also has vast knowledge in Agile methodologies and Software Development, which makes him a diverse and most valuable Agile coach.

Tal Sarfaty - VP R&D - Promisec

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Elad is a talented professional both in developing software and in guiding other. I've worked and learned a lot from him about managing time and goals, as well as about building good software. 
He is open minded and always thinks two steps ahead.

Oz Madar - Software Developer - CheckPoint 

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I had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Orna while she helped us implementing SCRUM methodology in our R&D department at Whipclip.
Her deepest knowledge of methodology, experience and very clear understanding of the subject as well as her agilic and flexible temper, led us to  a very successful kickoff to the new process.

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I had the pleasure of working with Elad for several months. 
Elad guided us to transform into a strong, united, focused team. Our productivity raised, our quality improved and all my team members are more satisfied. 
It was a challenging process, and I am very happy Elad coached us throughout it. 
Elad is very professional and not surprisingly, Elad himself is very agile. By that he is able to suit himself to whoever needs his guidance. I learned a lot from him.

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I hired Elad to introduce SCRUM in our 30 developers team and Elad was capable to run an engaging training where every individual developer felt empowered. Later on, Elad provided practical coaching to the team leaders and help us developing our agility. 
I truly recommend Elad a true Agile and SCRUM expert with deep expertise and pragmatic approach.

Philippe Cohen - Founder - Shefing
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Elad's analytics ability allow him to be the best suited consultant. 
As an Agile coach, Elad succeeded in getting the most of my teams. 
I have brought Elad to consult in several of my teams and he delivered results.

Nir Moatty - R&D Manager - RSA The Security Division of EMC
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I have the pleasure working with Elad for over a year, helping me and the organization assimilate the SCRUM framework within the team. Elad is an excellent coach and teacher that really understands the dynamics and challenges within the organizations, and gives very good and productive advise. I can say that his help changed dramatically what I and all team members think about SCRUM and the way we practice it today.

Ofer Meged - 3DSecure R&D Manager - RSA The Security Division of EMC

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