Aternity is a start-up company developing software monitoring systems, Elad was chosen to help with our agile transition.
The work process started with a 2-day training for the entire company, the training was done in an interesting and refreshing and helped the employees reduce their resistance to the change.
The way he presents the topics and are interesting and challenging at the same time.
Elad received a very high score in the feedback from the employees.
Elad is accompanying us in the agile transition process and is considerd by all as a key person in regards to decision making in the company.

I will be happy to provide more details if needed,

Mechi Shmariahu - HR Manager - Aternity.


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For the past two years, Elad Sofer has been the ministry's consultant for the Scrum framework.
During this period we have found Elad to be not only as a professional with vast knowledge, but we consider him as a partner and a leader of the ministry's agile working processes strategy.
In need Elad continuous to assist us and we are happy to approach him whenever his special expertise is required.
I am confident that any organization that chooses him to help will gain a true expert and will increase the chances of success significantly.

Oren Ariav. CTO, Ministry of environment defense.

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