The program goal is to provide new teams with the necessary knowledge, training, and guidance in implementing AUT/TDD development process. In several months we expect teams undergoing this program to learn the basic concepts and technique for writing automated unit tests along with skills to incorporate TDD into their development cycle.

The program covers all aspects of the company at the various levels and will supply each developer with the necessary tools and guidelines to be able to rip the benefit out of an automation approach.

The Implementation program consists of the following stages

Stage one - Investigation

Implementing a TDD approach in the development process is initiated in order to increase development productivity and to improve quality. In order to be successful, both the organizational and the technical side need to be addressed. Before starting such a process it is advised that the goals and targets of the adaptation will be clearly defined. In the investigation phase we shall work with management to define clear goal and with the team in order to identify technical obstacles, all the while preparing the creating the necessary mindset to absorb the change.

Stage Two - Training & Preparations

This phase creates the required environment within the development team to undergo the shift into a TDD Process. During which the necessary training, guidance and support will be given to the team.

Preparation for the change will include:

· Identifying and choosing starting points for the transition.

· Necessary training for all the team members.

· Setting up Continuous Integration environment.

· Picking the tool set and framework that will be used.

At the end of the preparation stage the team will be geared up with the necessary knowledge and tools to start shifting into a TDD process cycle and to start writing automated the unit tests for the system.

Stage three – Actual Work

Practical experience is the only way to guarantee implantation success. During this phase the team will start working on creation of the automated test suite, and on learning the rhythm and flow of the actual TDD process. During this phase, which typically last a few months, we shall support the team by guiding and reviewing all the effort of the team, and by supplying ongoing advice (by phone, email or onsite) for resolving all emerging technical issues and queries.

Stage four - Review & Improvement

Achieving good test coverage for an existing system is an ongoing process. Sticking with TDD practices is always n effort that must be supported and encouraged. At the end of the program we shall conduct a full review in order locate and suggest ways on improving the skills and ability of the team while continue on improving the quality of the product.

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