Any organization change is challenging, and transitioning to agile is no different. In fact, not always the benefit outweighs the effort. It is a good idea to determine what are the benefits we wish to achieve, and what is the best approach to reach them.

In order to determine what is agile in your context it is highly
recommended to go through a process of evaluating your current status,process and culture.

  • Should we adopt Scrum?
  • Should we use Kanban?
  • Should we focus on engineering practices first?
  • Is the organizational structure a good fit for agile?
  • What is blocking us from taking the next steps?

These questions and more are hard to answer without the assistance of

one or more experts that have experience with different organizations
and methodologies.

At practical agile we offer organizations a service that will help
them making the decision and answering the questions mentioned.
The general outline of this service is:

  • Interviews with different employees and stakeholders.
  • Current process analysis and observation.
  • Introduction to Agile.
  • A workshop with management and stakeholders to determine what should be the next steps towards an agile transition, if at all.

This service is aimed towards organizations that are considering an agile transformation, or bringing the existing agile implementation to the next step, but want to reduce the risk of failure and avoid getting into a long and expensive process of agile adoption before