What role does management play in the agile world? What does an agile organization need from its management team? 

This page contains resources for stuff we feel is important and useful for managers in an agile environment, that might help them answer the questions above. 

Note: It is not a complete or a final list, we try to keep it small enough to be digestible but not too small so that it is missing the major things. Your comments \ Suggestions are more than welcome. 



The New New Product Development Game by Takeuchi and Nonaka - The article that inspired Scrum

The Big Idea - The Wise Leader by Takeuchi and Nonaka 

Scaling Agile @ Spotify



Johanna Rothman - Johanna is a management consultant for software managers and leaders.



Confessions of a Company Without Managers (1 year later)



Book recommended by practical agile Book recommended by practical agile  Book recommended by practical agile        Book recommended by Practical Agile for product owners           Book recommended by practical agile    Book recommended by practical agile  Book recommended by practical agile     

Web site


LeSS - Large Scaling Scrum

Safe - isn't good enough  - Ron Jeffries, one of the founders of XP, compare between a scrum and SaFe, and explain why it is not good enough.