In most countries there are laws that are designed to shape the behavior of the citizens. 

Let's take the speed limit that most countries have as a part of the transportation laws, how many people do you know that consistently follow these rules?
Do the people who actually follow it do it out of respect to the rules or fear of punishment?  I don't think so.

I find that people obey rules that they agree with, the kind of rules that makes sense to them and are considered morally right. 
I guess most of us will not murder anyone even if there were no rules that forbid it.

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If you read this blog you are probably interested in agile.

Let's recap what agile means: agile is a mindset for product development, focusing on fast delivery of business value and about getting the necessary feedback to make the relevant changes that enhance delivery of more business value.

 But how fast is fast? Is a 6 month releasing fast enough? No.

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As if it is not difficult enough to plan and estimate a single feature, sometimes we are required (or imagine that we are required) to plan and estimate a release or a version which includes many features, and dependencies, and system tests, and integration between different modules \ components (Such as hardware and software).

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One of the promises of almost any other agile framework is continuous improvement.
And indeed it is stated in the agile manifesto at principle number 12:

"At regular interval the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjust it's behavior accordingly."

However, does this guarantee improvement?
The short answer is no. For the longer answer please keep on reading.

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It seems that these days everyone is talking (and writing) about scaling agile.

I guess what happened is that most companies now realize that agility is not a passing trend or just a set of values and principles, agility is a skill that most organization need to develop in order to survive in the stormy waters of today's market.

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